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Corona- Right way to take steam !

Everyone says take steam. No one says how to take it. So sharing.
1. Stand or sit straight. Most Photographs show a bent back with towel on head to take steam. That steam is for facial , not your lungs. Stand straight , lungs not bent , airways not squeezed. Adjust the steamers height so.
2. Adjust your nostril and mouth perpendicular to plane of steam. Keep a comfortable distance. Warm enough not to burn.
3. For 1st 10 breaths , just breath in and out at normal hufpuf. Let airway temperature get adjusted.
4. Next 5 breaths, inhale through mouth , deep but smoothly , to maximum capacity. Feel it going to last of your air passage , down to lower lung lobes. Hold breath for count of 3. Exhale through nostrils smoothly.(no jerks).
5. Next 10 cycles through nostrils. Either aalom vilom i.e. close one nostril and inhale through other...smoothly,slowly. Hold till count of 3 and exhale through the other nostril while now closing the one with which u inhaled. OR , simply inhale exhale through one nostril 5 times each while keeping other closed.
6. Now repeat the mouth inhalation cycle.
7. Take steam this way for atleast 10 min.
8. Keep fan /AC closed during ,and 15 min post procedure.
9. Lie down prone if possible after steam.
10. Last but not the least. Keep a hanky. Whatever secretions liquify in airway due to steam, don't swallow. Try to spit out or take in hanky.

Do it. Very useful investment of time in these times.
Happy steaming

Just steaming can make a lot of difference in breaking the chain as well as to keep u all safe
Posted in Coronavirus/Covid19 Awareness on May 05 2021 at 11:40 AM


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