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God's Grace

I was at the grocery store this morning and heard a loud crash and something shattering.
Driven by curiosity...
I walked towards the sound and saw some people whispering and looking back to the end of the next aisle.

When I walked down that aisle, I saw an older lady had hit a shelf containing dishes with her cart and many had fallen to the ground and broke.
She was kneeling on the floor embarrassed, frantically picking up the shattered pieces, while her husband was peeling off the bar code from each broken dish saying,
“Now we will have to pay for all this!”

I felt so bad for her, and everyone was just standing there staring at her!
I went and knelt beside her and told her not to worry and started helping her pick up the broken pieces.

After about a minute, the store manager came and knelt beside us and said,
“Leave it, we will clean this up. Let’s get your information so you can go to the hospital and have that cut on your hand looked at.”

The lady, totally embarrassed said,
“I need to pay for all this first.”
The manager smiled, helped her to her feet and said,
“No ma’am, we have insurance for this, you do not have to pay anything!”

For you who have read this so far...
I would like you to give me a minute !

Wherever you are...
Close your eyes,
And imagine God doing the same for you !
Collect the pieces of your broken heart from all the blows life has thrown at you.
God will heal all your wounds !
And be assured that you shall forget all your heartaches !

You see...
We all have the same insurance, and it’s called Grace.
When you accept that Almighty as your Lord and Savior...
And ask for forgiveness, the Manager of the universe, GOD, will say to you “Everything has already been paid for !
Now walk on...
Here's your path to happiness !

Mind you...
It WILL happen, if you've lived well despite all !
It surely will !
Just keep faith till then !
Posted in Way of Living on December 23 2020 at 08:12 AM


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