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The Bright Side of Corona Virus

With all the restrictions on travel and emphasis on safety, here’s what we can do as a community to turn fear into greater blessing to the world.

1. Stop binging on social media and all the news. Stop watching news channels. Just get what info you need to stay aware. You don’t need to consume all the media info for more than 10mins in a day. You can get all the updates you need from official websites.

2. Start using your time to go deep into learning new skills. There’s so much to learn online. Make a list of things you want to learn and start feeding your mind with things which you have been putting aside for years. Learn a new language. Learn technical skills. Learn how to impact people online with your knowledge.

3. Dive deep inwards into spirituality and other concepts which can help you reflect from within. When you have this precious time in your hands, use it well. Wake up early before the sun rises. Read scripture or any timeless literature which can feed your mind with eternal concepts. Meditate.

4. Stop endlessly staring at your phone. Start to spend more time with family. Have those deep and meaningful conversations with your parents, spouse or kids which you’ve never had for years - due to your your busyness. You have that time now.

5. Contemplate and set a bigger vision for your future. Write down your new goals for your life. Think about how you can impact this world with your talents. The more specific you can get, the better.

6. Start building digital tribes and communities around your expertise. Discuss ideas over zoom without travelling. Exchange knowledge. Inspire each other and positively use your brain power.

7. Finally, stay clean and safe. Eat healthy. Be hygienic. Consciously build your immunity with good habits and a strong mindset.

I believe that this whole experience globally is natures way of hitting the reset button to remind us on the greatest gift we have called LIFE.

Make it purposeful.

Make it impactful.

The world is now giving you an opportunity to “breathe & reflect” - to make your life more useful and meaningful on this planet.
Posted in Way of Living on March 12 2020 at 11:51 AM


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