Freeofme as per it's mission try its best to deliver Society with 'High level of results within less Cost & efforts'. Hence creation of any Profile or Fundraising page at Freeofme is completely FREE!

Freeofme retains a flat percentage of each Donation contributed to a Campaign and all charitable contributions made to a NGO (collectively, "Freeofme Fees"). An additional payment processing fee is also deducted from each Donation and is payable directly to our third party payment processors (the "Payment Processing Fee," and together with the Freeofme Fees, the "Fees"). 

Freeofme Fees structure is as follow :-

9% of funds raised (+) Applicable taxes

Freeofme charges above mentioned fee to cover costs of certain activities for example Payment Gateway Charges, Due diligence cost, Money processing cost, Regular Asssessment costs, Donor's Support and Provision of online accounts and facilities. Also Freeofme has certain operating expenses to manage its platform in more qualitative manner like Employees costs, Technology Costs and R&D costs etc. Our team of well qualified professionals, with strong focus on quality, ensure that Donors, Users and Organisations just focus on their Social Acts and remaining part smoothly handled by Freeofme. 


If you have any queries with respect to pricing please email us at