About Us

Freeofme is a Social Networking platform for Individuals, Social Activists, NGOs and Companies to unite positive energy and efforts towards Social Cause ! It highlights the importance of sharing of scarce resources & information by the people for the people !

Freeofme facilitates online Fundraising, Donation, Volunteering, CSR Management, Social Blogging and Campaigning to strengthen the society to engage in more Social Causes.

India is a very big country with eclectic diversity and huge population. It has incredible history where many philosophers, local communities and social activists played vital role in the development of country. Without existence of NGOs and Social Activists, Govt alone cannot tackle the very important and critical issues of society e.g. education, women empowerment, human rights, People welfare, health/family welfare etc. NGOs and Social Activists play very significant role in welfare of society as a whole. 

This has also been observed at multiple platforms that this vital organ of society is not structured enough and need a thread to unite it's energy. As a result, a group of professionals after lot of research and discussions, introduced this website 'freeofme' to spread awareness of importance of Social Philanthropy with the belief that Social Philanthropy is a vital need for running a developing country like India. They also stressed out that this is very important to 'get free from yourself' for executing noble causes. 

Freeofme team works with the Mission to make people motivated so that they can support society with their efforts and economical contributions. Vision of Freeofme is to bring full transparency in the field of ‘Social Acts’ by ‘Non-Government Organizations & Social Activists' And bring people together for ‘Social Cause’ through Digitization.