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  • Elderly Welfare,
  • Public (anyone can view and join)
  • Sadhu savitri sai sewa samiti was founded in February 2009 with a motto to help the elderly, give them a home, a family and take away their sorrows.

    We initially started with just seven senior citizens who were unfit both physically and mentally. We took their responsibility on our shoulder and cared for them in the best way possible and as a result, they started gaining health and became stable and healthy.

    It wasn’t long before Ashram saw some more people coming in with hopes of a shelter, support and family. We now had the responsibility of seventeen senior citizens whom we had to serve from 6 in the morning to 9 in the night.

    At present we have more than fifty senior citizens in our ashram being served to the best of our abilities. It was a long journey since 2009 but we traversed it well like one big family, always together with each other.

    Sometimes it all seems impossible, sometimes it becomes an easy sail, but whatever the situation maybe, we always strive and will continue to do so, for the elderly that are now a part of our family, our sadhu savitri sai sewa samiti.
  • Tarkeshwar Singh
  • 9268525148
  • RZB-4, Nala Road Nihal Vihar,New Delhi
  • West Delhi
  • Delhi
  • India
  • 110041
  • 2009-02-12
  • yes
  • International Organisation
  • 68580
  • yes
  • 80G of Income Tax Act
  • Need to get in touch for any reason? Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you at the soonest possible. Alternatively, you can reach us directly through: Mobile No. – 9268525148,9211965986 – [email protected] Address – RZ-B-4, Nala Road, Nihal,Vihar, Nangloi, New Delhi-110041
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